• Trish Hall

Are you the 'HR' fence or ambulance?

There are two approaches to getting through your Human Resources ('HR') function at work.

On one hand you can be the reactive manager who deals with issues when they arise. This type of manager will often respond to queries, questions and complaints after the fact. It often feels like they're fighting fires and dealing with issues at work on a constant basis. This can be very draining and costly when dealing with litigious staff.

The other type of manager is one who takes a pro-active approach. This type of manager plans and develops processes and systems to make HR easier. Often this manager acknowledges that employees are one of the biggest assets at work whilst having an awareness that they can easily be a liability when things go wrong. A proactive manager acknowledges that robust policies, procedures and investment into their staff can prevent some issues from arising. Where do you see yourself? If you want to be an employer of choice and put your best foot forward, here is a list of some key strategies to have in place.

· Understand your compliance requirements

· A people/ HR strategy

· Recruitment Policy

· Employment Agreements

· Automated Payroll

· House Rules

· Application Forms (pre-employment, leave etc.)

· Induction & Orientation

· Training and Development

· Performance (the good and the bad)

· Staff Policies and Procedures (expenses, leave, vehicles etc.)

Where do you align yourself?

" I don’t care about being right. I care about success and doing the right thing." Steve Jobs.

Trish Hall