• Trish Hall

Myth: Employees have all the rights

Time and time again I hear from defeated employers who feel like their employees have all the power in the relationship. They believe that Employment Law acts in the best interest of an employee, making it it impossible to make staff related decisions.

Whilst Employment Law is set up to protect employee's minimum rights, i.e., entitlements to leave, it is possible for employers to make necessary business decisions. Myth busted!

Whatever the cause an employer has every right to address and resolve staffing issue/s so long as it:

  1. does not mislead or deceive or do anything that is likely to mislead or deceive the employee:

  2. is active and constructive

  3. is responsive and communicative

  4. provides full information

  5. provides an opportunity for an employee to comment on a proposal that might adversely affect their employment.

An employer who does all of the above genuinely and who treats people as humans with an open minded approach will be able to reduce their risk of litigation.

Employers can also set their own values and standards and expect employee's to work towards them.

Be Fair. Be informed. Be Brave.