• Trish Hall

Support for staff affected by Domestic Violence.

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Domestic Violence is not ok.

Did you know that approximately 40% of victims of domestic violence are in paid employment? Today marks a significant day in history by granting Domestic Violence Leave.

Employee's will be able to take 10 days leave per year if they're affected by Domestic Violence after 6 months of current and continuous employment. The incident arising to the need for domestic violence is not time bound, this means that the incident could have happened before an employee starting working for you. Remember, people are affected in different ways at different times. This an amendment to the Holidays Act.

Flexible Working Arrangements are also amended from today, enabling staff who are affected by Domestic Violence to ask for temporary changes to their work arrangements (think hours, location, type of work etc.) to help them overcome the difficult time they're in. This is an amendment to the Employment Relations Act.

Opinion: my biggest concern is the taboo around talking about Domestic Violence and the little uptake of staff who really need the leave to come forward. What can you do as employer's to make it accessible without the feeling of shame? i'm happy to bounce ideas around with you.